Complaint Process

MTAS holds its members to a high standard and requires adherence to the Bylaws, which contain the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
If you have had an interaction with a member of MTAS that you feel was inappropriate, you may file a complaint by completing the form below and sending to Lori Green, Executive Director.

Massage therapy is not yet a regulated health profession in Saskatchewan, although the legislation has been passed and the process to regulate is underway.  Therefore any disciplinary action can be enforced only within our membership. This means that if MTAS decides to revoke a membership, a person can continue working in Saskatchewan without being affiliated with any massage association. We cannot prevent a person from practicing, only from practicing as a member with MTAS. 

If you feel that your interaction with a therapist was in violation of local laws, e.g. sexual, physical or emotional abuse, theft or fraud, we recommend that you contact the police in your area.

Download MTAS Complaint Form

View the Bylaws pertaining to investigation and discipline