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Shiatsu Beginner Level

Saskatoon, SK

Beginner Level Shiatsu Workshops

September 19 and October 17
9:30am - 3:30pm

$220.00 per participant (tax incl.)


A Shiatsu Therapeutic Massage Workshop - Japanese Healing Therapy

Shiatsu is a Japanese healing art in which finger pressure is used on tsubos (pressure points) on the body to normalize body function, relieve pain and tension, and increase the function of the body's organs to maintain and improve health.
Shiatsu is one of the best health care methods in daily life that can treat and help prevent illness.

Shiatsu can relieve symptoms of:

● Arthritis
● Asthma
● Fatigue
● Migraine headaches
● Tight shoulders
● Menopause
● Indigestion
● Lower back pain
● Insomnia
● And many more conditions

These workshops are presented by Saskatoon's Shiatsu Master Yuki Sugimoto of the Saskatoon Shiatsu Centre and Training Institute.
The Shiatsu Massage Training Institute is the only one of its kind in Saskatchewan. Master Sugimoto has 20 years experience teaching Shiatsu.

Bring 2 pillows and towels, lunch and a snack.

Class location: #7 - 1702 Alexandria Avenue, Saskatoon.
Class size: maximum 8 participants.  
No spaces saved without payment in full.

Credits: 6 primary.

For more information phone 306-477-1460.

Please mail registration fee to: Yuki Sugimoto, 102 Simon Fraser Crescent, Saskatoon, S7H 3T1. 

Fascial Decompression

Edmonton, AB

September 23 and 24 - Edmonton

Courses outcomes

  • Learn how to treat and recognize fascial restrictions. 
  • Understand the relationship between the nervous system and the connective tissue and how it influences patient health.   
  • Gain confidence in treating specific injuries, postural imbalances, and chronic conditions targeting the fascia.   
  • Get empowered by adding a new skill that will help your most health challenge clients. 
  • Recommended to MT with all levels of expertise. 
  • Recommended for tired hands and MT wanting to focus their approach on a lighter therapeutic direction. 

Limited Seating. Reserve Now.

14 primary credits - MTAS members

Indian Foot and Head Massage

PIMT - Saskatoon

Indian Head Massage - 15.5 primary credits
Indian Foot Massage - 3 primary credits

Rattan Massage

Saskatoon, SK

Rattan Massage - Learn to work with heated bamboo and solid rattan combining it with therapeutic massage. Do kneading, rolling, pivoting, leverage myofascial release, and deep tissue work with these effective tools to save your hands. Asian style using all shapes and sizes, and Thai style using less pieces and more massage. Target regional areas or use in full body massage treatment. Instructor is certified in Bamboo Massage & Injury Prevention.

See website: 
Contact to Register: 1-403-891-4822 $100 registration deposit required, MC, VISA etransfer. Cost:$420+gst, 14 hour certificate.
12 ceu's RMTA, 10 ccps with NHPC & 14 ceu's MTAS.

For RMT's no extra insurance required to practice it.
Held 9am-5:30pm.
Bamboo kit $150+gst 

October 2-3 - Saskatoon
October 16-17 - Calgary
October 30-31 - Lethbridge