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MTAS AGM 2021 - virtual meeting


Watch for more details coming soon.

Chiropractic Rounds

Online via live webinar

1 primary credit.

Free to attend.

Fascial Decompression

Edmonton, AB

April 15 and 16 - Edmonton

Courses outcomes

  • Learn how to treat and recognize fascial restrictions. 
  • Understand the relationship between the nervous system and the connective tissue and how it influences patient health.   
  • Gain confidence in treating specific injuries, postural imbalances, and chronic conditions targeting the fascia.   
  • Get empowered by adding a new skill that will help your most health challenge clients. 
  • Recommended to MT with all levels of expertise. 
  • Recommended for tired hands and MT wanting to focus their approach on a lighter therapeutic direction. 

Limited Seating. Reserve Now.

14 primary credits - MTAS members

Business Seminar


Angelina Kunze Massage Therapy is now offering a Business Seminar - please see the information below.

Topic: Business Seminar: 

This simple but powerful seminar provides you with a step-by-step process that helps you grow, define, and level up against competition.  
In just 3 hours you will create a reputable business plan to apply for grants, loans, and or start up a new business. 
Gain insight into what makes a business successful, how to transition a business home based and how to maximize productivity.

Presenter: Angelina Kunze: 

Certified Prenatal Therapist, Registered Massage Therapist, Entrepreneur Business Owner, Reiki Master and Teacher, Public Speaker.

3 business credits – certification will be forwarded to MTAS office for addition to your con-ed file.

In person available April 17, 2021 by pre-register (4 spaces available), and virtual seminars coming soon!
Price: $80

** Contact Angelina directly via e-mail for details:**

Seminar Outline:

1. Learn Angelina's story and meet other entrepreneurs
   a. connect, network and outsource safely

2. Set yourself up for success
   a. how to start a business
   b. grants and loans currently available
   c. a step by step guide to building, running and growing a successful business

3. Transition a business or practice home based
   a. safety and start up
   b. policies and protocols
   c. how to ease the transition

4. Maximize Productivity
   a. work-life balance
   b. maintain success
   c. expand and grow your business from home

5. Create a reputable business plan
   a. learn the importance behind a business plan
   b. receive a fill-in-the-blank outline that creates a lean business plan
         i. reputable for grants and loans
         ii. accepted by banks, investors, bands and advisors
         iii. can be used to further expand and grow your business

Rattan Massage

Lethbridge, AB

Rattan Massage - Learn to work with heated bamboo and solid rattan combining it with therapeutic massage. Do kneading, rolling, pivoting, leverage myofascial release, and deep tissue work with these effective tools to save your hands. Asian style using all shapes and sizes, and Thai style using less pieces and more massage. Target regional areas or use in full body massage treatment. Instructor is certified in Bamboo Massage & Injury Prevention.

See website: 
Contact to Register: 1-403-891-4822 $100 registration deposit required, MC, VISA etransfer. Cost:$420+gst, 14 hour certificate.
12 ceu's RMTA, 10 ccps with NHPC & 14 ceu's MTAS.

For RMT's no extra insurance required to practice it.
Held 9am-5:30pm.
Bamboo kit $150+gst 

April 18-19 - Lethbridge
May 1-2 - Calgary
May 8-9 - Regina
October 2-3 - Saskatoon
October 16-17 - Calgary
October 30-31 - Lethbridge

Manual Lymph Activation Course - Level 1

Moose Jaw, SK

MTAS con-ed credits:
Level 1 = 32 primary, level 2 = 34 primary, levels 3 and 4 = 33 primary each

For more information, visit our website:

Muscle Fascia Cupping

Saskatoon, SK

**NEW CLASS FORMAT:  5 hours online theory, + 9 hours hands-on practical class**

Muscle Fascia Cupping - Using moving vacuum cups to stretch tissue and restructure fascia in this 2 day certificate class. Many long standing issues are fascia based not muscle related! valve cups with gun is used to address fascia, following fascia lines and planes full body prone and supine. A must have for therapists! saves your hands while getting effective release. Silicone cups are used regionally. Learned properly to monitor tissue reactions and responses, there should be no marking! 

12 ceu's RMTA, 15 ccps NHPC, 14 ceu's MTAS. Cost: $420+gst, cup set $85+gst.

Contact: 1-403-891-4822 $100 deposit required, MC Visa etransfer accepted.

Instructor is certified in Injury Prevention, Myofascial Cupping & Advanced Cupping.

Held: 9am-5:30 14 hour certificate.

April 24-25 - Saskatoon (PIMT)
April 29-30 - Calgary

Jade Stone Massage

Online via live webinar

Two Day Jade Stone Massage Workshop
Online via live webinar - April 24 and 25

14 primary credits for MTAS members

Participants learn over two days all aspects of Jade Stone Massage.
Therapists will be able to confidently incorporate this modality into their practice.

The following areas are covered in detail:
• Tools required
• Types of stones used and their properties
• Benefits of stone massage
• Alternating temperatures in treatment
• Contraindications and considerations
• Temperature control
• Working with the stones
• Sterilization, care and storage
• Treatment with clothing on
• Full body jade massage

You will learn how to incorporate Jade into relaxation and therapeutic massage, working in alternating temperatures, working deep with less effort and more comfort for the client.
The two-day workshop is designed that the therapist has a solid knowledge working with a set of only twenty functionally-designed stones in many applications to confidently incorporate their knowledge and skills into a jade treatment.

Workshop $595. includes your set of twenty jade massage stones.

Facilitator Biographical information:
Shelley Killeen is the owner/operator of Healing Jade.  Mrs Killeen trains industry professionals in jade stone massage workshops, and distributes jade massage stones.

Tel: 1-250-619-5423

FMT Mobility Specialist



Get trained and earn CEUs from the comfort of your home!  Each online class earns 6 primary credits for MTAS members.

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Our RockTape Functional Movement Techniques (FMT) Certification courses are led by industry leading experts in movement assessment and therapy. FMT courses present a revolutionary way of thinking about how we move and how we injure. They integrate innovative mobility and stability strategies, along with a movement-based; practical kinesiology taping framework – to deliver RESULTS. Find out about a RockTape course coming near you at

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Courses coming near you this Spring: