Code of Ethics

For the Members of the Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan, Inc.

The purpose of this Code is to define the professional ethical standards in regard to the practice of Massage Therapy. All persons entering into the membership of the Corporation shall agree formerly to be bound under the following regulations:

  1. The practice of massage therapy is not regulated in this province; nevertheless, Common Law affects the right of an individual to practice massage therapy. A member of the Corporation shall undertake to abide by all the laws in the Province of Saskatchewan.
  2. To maintain the highest standards of professional conduct consistent with membership of the Corporation.
  3. To observe the highest degree of integrity and responsibility in regard to the practice of massage therapy and to recognize that the interest and welfare of the patient are paramount.
  4. To seek assistance, or refer the patient to his/her Medical Practitioner in any situation where the therapist may feel that he/she lacks the necessary knowledge or competence to administer treatment.
  5. To respect totally the confidentiality of the relationship between massage therapist and patient.
  6. Any consultation, assessment or treatment of a child under the age of 18 (except in the presence of a parent or guardian or other appointed responsible adult) must be approved by the child's parent or guardian.
  7. The Therapist should inform the patient of treatment fees. The type and procedure of treatment to be recommended prior to the patient's consent for treatment.
  8. A therapist should at all time maintain the modest and correct decorum expected of a professional person in a working capacity.
  9. To refrain from making any statements or claims misrepresenting the therapeutic benefits of their treatment.
  10. To refrain from enticing patients from the care of a professional colleague, and to abstain from any action or statement which might bring a professional colleague or organization into disrepute Notwithstanding the above, where a member of the Corporation is aware and has proof of this misconduct, breach of trust, other violation or transgression of this Code of Ethics by any member of the Corporation, it is his/her duty to bring such knowledge and written proof to the attention of the Board of the Corporation.
  11. All members must pay their Annual Membership fee and practicing members must maintain their malpractice and liability insurance.
  12. Members may advertise their services in accordance with the laws of the land and advertising policy of the Corporation.
  13. Members shall refrain from carrying out any consultation, assessment, or treatment of a child under the age of 18 except in the presence or with the consent of a parent or guardian or other responsible adult approved by the parent or guardian.