Good day MTAS, 

Stage Three of the re-opening is quickly approaching for July 11th.  MTAS remains vigilant in providing recommendations and insight to our membership and updating you to any new procedures or updates on the Covid Pandemic. 

We expect the Re-open SK Plan to be rescinded.  The Government is now beginning to take the position that health and business sectors can provide the best guidance for their Associations.  “Each association is in the best position to develop guidance that is specific to the service their membership provides.” 

We must stress to our members that it is imperative that you maintain the highest standards of Practice as outlined in the bylaws of MTAS (11.8). e.g.  hand sanitizer before and after treatment, cleaning and sanitizing equipment, tables, and changing of linens after every patient.  The complete bylaws may be read by clicking the link below. 

Further recommendations: 

Members must be certain to provide a thorough client consultation and consent prior to treatment. (It is no longer necessary to provide the COVID screening for each patient). 
PPE requirements that have been mandated in the Re-open plan are no longer mandatory, but we continue to recommend wearing a mask during this opening phase, due to the length of time spent with your patient. Masking will comply with Physio Therapists, and Chiropractic recommendations of treating patients if they cannot maintain two-meter distance from patients and co-workers. 1 
MTAS does not advise you to ask patients about their vaccine status as this may constitute an unreasonable collection of private health information unrelated to the patient’s treatment.  
Members must assess any risk in treating the patient and implement the PPE depending on the consultation.  
Full PPE would be required to perform any intra-oral treatment related to TMD/TMJ.  

We are expecting that there may be further changes to Massage Therapists work environment as we continue to sail through these uncharted waters.  We will continue to update our membership with new recommendations and or any related items as determined by the Saskatchewan Health Authority and or Government of Saskatchewan.  


Government of Canada, National Advisory Committee on Immunization. Recommendations on the Use of COVID-19 Vaccines. Available at: 






The COVID-19 pandemic continues to change rapidly, as does the information available regarding directives and recommendations. The MTAS office staff are working to make resources available to you to effectively manage through this pandemic and we are responding to inquiries as promptly as possible.  We thank our members for their diligence in staying up-to-date through this uncertain time, and appreciate your efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect yourselves as well as the public.

We have developed this section on our website dedicated to COVID-19 information. This section is available on the public side of the website so that you can quickly and easily access the information, and refer your clients to it as well. We encourage you to check here regularly to look for new and/or changed information as this is the fastest way for us to communicate factually with our members, and to avoid outdated or false information sharing.

Please note that our Saskatoon office is currently closed to the public therefore we ask that to receive the fastest possible response, you please contact us via e-mail - or

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