Frequently Asked Questions

Continuing Education

1. When does the current Con-Ed window close?
The current window runs from November 1st, 2021 to October 31st, 2024.  
Click here to view the table explaining the number of credits required, according to your year of graduation.


2. How do I submit my credits to add to my file?

  • If the course is on the pre-approved list, just send in a copy of the certificate of attendance or a letter from the course provider stating that you attended. You may also update your personal credit history via the website, however we do still require a paper copy of the proof of attendance for your membership file.

  • If the course is NOT on the pre-approved list, the course provider must submit the Application for Credits form and all required documentation for assessment by the Con-Ed Committee.  Click here to download the application form.

  • Members may now submit an application for the Con-Ed Committee to review a course.  All of the required documentation and the application fee must accompany the form.  Click here to download the application form.

3. Where do I find a list of MTAS approved workshops/courses?  
There is a complete list of approved courses in the Members Only section of the website - from the home-page click on "Members"  in the centre of the screen.  Once you are in this section, click on Continuing Education, then Pre-Approved Courses for the searchable database.  Click here to review the tutorial on how to do this.

4. Who does the assessment of workshops/courses?
The Competency Director and a committee of volunteer members meet four times each year to assess requests for competency credits.

5. Is there a fee to have a course assessed for credits?  
The fee is $100.00 + GST.

6. I'm a new graduate - do I need to earn competency credits immediately?
You are eligible for a grace period of two years for primary credits, but do need to earn the mandatory 7 business credits.  
If you do earn credits while in your grace period, you are allowed to carry over up to and including a maximum of 40 primary credits.
Please contact the office or review the con-ed handbook (which was included in your welcome package) for more specific details.

7. What happens if I can't complete the required number of credits in the window?
There is a process in place for this.  Please refer to the section "Extenuating Circumstances" under the Continuing Education navigation heading.

8. I have been practicing for a long time and have been to all of the courses in which I am interested.  Why do I still have to earn credits?
No profession is static.  Every profession’s methods, procedures and practices advance with time, and any professional who doesn’t keep pace with up-to-date knowledge and skills is left behind with skills that may not properly apply.  It is also every professional’s responsibility to stay current in their profession in order to provide the best knowledge, skills and service to their clients.  This is especially true in health professions where outdated knowledge can be harmful to clients.  It is also critically important to professionals who acquired their education and training many years past.  Continuing professional development is designed to address these issues.

9. How to I submit a course for assessment by the Competency Committee?
The course provider must submit the application - they should use this form. 
Members should use this form.