Frequently Asked Questions

Moving to another province or country

1. If I want to move to another province (non-regulated) and work as a therapist, what do I need to do?

Check with the respective provincial Association regarding their individual requirements for membership.  The links to each provincial body are listed below.  Most will accept you as a member upon completion of their membership paperwork and a Letter of Good Standing from MTAS.

Nova Scotia

2. How may I work in one of the regulated provinces?




NEW BRUNSWICK  www.cmtnb


3. What is the process if I want to return to Saskatchewan and re-join MTAS once I have moved away?

  • For those who have not been a member for 5 years or less, a re-application fee of $230.00 + GST will apply, in addition to the full membership fee for the current year, which is $430.00 for a practicing member, or $215.00 for non-practicing.
  • For those who have not been a member for more than 5 years, re-writing and passing the Member Qualifying Examination is required.  This is also the policy applicable to current members who have maintained a non-practicing membership for 5 years.

Please include a copy of your current CPR/SFA certificate and any continuing education certificates you have earned.  Our members' liability insurance policy is through BFL Canada.  The application form is available here.

4. Moving to the U.S.:

State-by-state information varies on requirements for massage school, certification and licensure, continuing education and starting a massage business.
American Massage Therapy Association

5. Moving to Australia or New Zealand:

Massage and Myotherapy Australia
Massage Association of Australia
Association of Massage Therapists
Massage New Zealand

6. Moving to the UK:

National Association of Manual and Manipulative Therapists
London and Counties Society of Physiologists (LCSP)
Complementary Therapists Association