NASHI "Perogy Paradise" auction committee is asking for donations of gift certificates for massage therapy treatments!

What is NASHI?  We are a Saskatoon-based organization that built a safe house in Ukraine to help prevent human trafficking of little girls.  We currently house 16 girls; ages 4-15.  Some of the girls were left abandoned on the street (sisters aged 4 and 7) and they are prime targets to be picked up by traffickers.  The two older ones in the house were already being groomed to be trafficked.  One girl came from an orphanage in Ukraine and had lice and was underweight for her age.  Another girl was approximately 6 years old and weighed 35 pounds.  Her eye-sight is greatly affected due to lack of health care and nutritious meals.

Our annual fundraiser is called "Perogy Paradise" and it is an all-you-can-eat perogy supper (numerous types of perogies as well!).  We host a live and silent auction at the event.  We would appreciate donations of any sort.  Massage therapy gift certificates for an hour massage are great sellers!  You get free advertising at the event!  Your business name will be printed on the supper placemats.  There is an overhead PowerPoint projector advertising your business all night.  As well, if you include business cards they will be placed at the table with your donation.  Even gift baskets would be great as a donation.

Tickets for the perogy supper are $50.  If you can't help out with a donation but would like to eat some tasty perogies, please email me to hold some tickets for you.  We usually sell-out by end of January.  The event is held March 20 in Saskatoon.

My email address is

Thank you for considering helping out!  Our little girls in Ukraine thank you!

Our website for more information is

Donna Waselyshen, RMT (MTAS member)
NASHI Board of Directors and member of the auction committee